Lovćen – the national identity of Montenegrins

Lovćen – the national identity of Montenegrins

Lovćen mountain range is a natural, historical, cultural, and spiritual symbol for all Montenegrins. On Lovćen is placed Mausoleum of the greatest son of the nation – Petar Petrovic II Njegoš, a poet, philosopher, prince-bishop, and statesman from the 19th century, a prominent member of the old Montenegrin ruling family Petrović. Njegoš was born in the village of Njeguši below the Lovćen mountain. Today, Njegoš is buried in a sarcophagus in a Mausoleum on the top of Lovćen mountain.
The domestic name of Montenegro country is Crna Gora which means Black Mountain. For Montenegrins, the mountains mean a strong symbol of honor, dignity, and humanity. Because of Njegoš, Lovćen gives them a special national identity.

Lovćen is a mountain range in the system of Dinaric Alps, which rises steeply from the edge of the Adriatic area, above coastal Montenegro. From Lovćen you can enjoy in magnificent view to amazing Boka Kotorska bay, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the whole of Montenegro.

The best period for visiting and climbing the peaks of the Lovćen mountain range is spring, summer, and autumn. It is recommended that you bring a bottle of drinking water and sun protection (sunscreen hat, sunglasses).

National Park encompasses the central and the highest part of Lovćen mountain massif and covers an area of 62.20 km². It was proclaimed a national park in 1952. Besides Lovćen’s natural beauties, the national park was established to protect the rich historical, cultural, and architectural heritage of the area.
The highest peak of the National Park is the peak Štirovnik (1.749 m), which is also the highest peak of Lovćen mountain range.
Lovćen Mountain National Park has a beautiful setting; from Lovćen, there is a beautiful view of Kotor Bay, the view of the open sea, of the Skadar Lake, and of Cetinje, and even of the distant Prokletije Mountain.
One of the most beautiful parts of the Lovćen Mountain National Park is the resort Ivanova Korita (1261 m), situated on the eastern slope of Jezerski Peak, in a valley covered with forests and meadows. This is a well-known vacation resort for children, which is open even during the winter. Ivanova korita got its name after Ivan Crnojevic (former ruler of Montenegro).

Lovćen is a beautiful mountain with natural, cultural and historical scenery that you should not miss seeing.

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