The most inexplicable, the most unapproachable and the wildest mountain range on Balkan Peninsula and, after The Alps, in Europe.

Nowhere in the Balkan, the glaciers have left such a deep trail of their erosion as in the Prokletije mountain range. After the Alps, this was the most glacial mountain in Europe”, said Jovan Cvijić, Serbian geographer.
The Prokletije mountains are one of the highest and without a doubt most hyperkarstic mountain ranges of the Balkan Peninsula whose white naked karstic and jagged ridges and peaks, built from limestone and dolomite show many cirques that create an imposing wild image that sends shivers and fear to visitors (as geographer Jovan Cvijić said in 1913).
Because of its impressive and amazing beauty, Prokletije Mountain is also known as the “Southern Alps of Europe”.

Prokletije is surely one of the last mountains in Europe that have not been discovered entirely yet, one of the most enclosed, most reserved and most romantic places in Europe.
The Alps, the Dinaric Alps and the Prokletije Ranges represent a unique mountain system made by a folding action of the African plate which is under the European one. This process is visibly evident also by the constant listing of the Adriatic coast.

The Dinaric Alps, 1000 km long, follow the direction of the Adriatic Sea and at their northwest and southeast ends formed the ‘aggregates’ of the Alps and the Prokletije massif.

The Prokletije range in Montenegro is approximately 250 square kilometers, and extends from Skadar to Bogicevica, on the border with Kosovo. In a wider sense, Montenegro’s Prokletije mountain range is bordered by the rivers Cijevna, Lim and Ibar.

The Prokletije National Park was officially proclaimed in 2009 and it belongs to the municipality of Plav. The surface of the Park amounts to 16 630 ha, and that of the reserve to 1052 ha. The elevation is characterized by many peaks above 2000m.

A hydrograph is comprised of and characterized by glacial lakes, larger and smaller water streams, fresh and mineral water springs, river, aquifers and mountain puddles. The climate is continental, alpine and sub-alpine, which means that winters are harsh and long, and summer chilly and short.

Prokletije, wonderfully mountains that for their crudeness and wild attract travelers of adventurous nature to come over and over again. These giants as scarves from glacier erosion at first meeting give the impression of respect and passion.

The untouched beauty of these mountains represents waste wealth. Scenes reminding of the loveliest stone sculptures, steep cliffs rising above clouds, circles and sources of many rivers, Prokletije is among the top 10 tourist attractions of Montenegro.

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